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Save time and money shopping, skip an aisle or two forever

The older I get the less time I want to spend shopping in the stores for my monthly purchases. Like most of us, I have always enjoyed saving money. In the past, nothing use to overwhelm me more than the beauty & skin care section, and having to decide on a product. There are so…

Me? In love with a skin care company?

Why do I think it’s ironic that I fell in love with a skin care company? If you knew me at all, you wouldn’t question the irony. Quite simply, I am more of a tomboy. But Why I am not surprised that I am in love with beauticontrol (aka, a cosmetic company)? I fell in love…

BeautiControl changes lives in more ways than one

I live in a small town (ARCATA, CA) that is huge on supporting local businesses. Well actually, Humboldt County is a bunch of small towns that together combines over 250,000 people collectively. Growing up in Chicago, that’s relatively small. As much as my family can afford, I take pride in purchasing as many goods and…

What is a spa party?

What is a spa party? A beauticontrol spa party is the best kind of home party there is! It’s when women (and sometimes men) gather together to get pampered in luxurious spa products, compliments of beauticontrol. I’m mobile, I bring the spa to you. Hostesses just need to decide who they want to invite to…


A beautiful beginning to rejuvenated, purified, energized skin. Put your skin in the zone. Rejuvenate your skin with BeautiControl’s OxygenZone™ Skin Purifying Tool. Simply massage clean, dry skin in small circular motions for 1-2 minutes to:
    • Produce ozone and warmth to promote healthier-looking, clearer, more radiant skin
    • Energize skin
    • Reduce the appearance of redness
    • Purify skin
    • Reduce the appearance of an oily complexion
Put your skin in the zone… the beauti zone.